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TV Presenter Career Guidance Part 2 -

The Art Of Effective Camera Communication

TV Presenting is all about making sure that your personality comes across in front of the camera, as you will be employed for who YOU are and you need to let  whoever is watching see the REAL you!



Oscar Wilde once famously quoted "Be Yourself as everyone else is taken" this is a perfect why in which to sum up how you should personally approach Presenting on camera.

Your Viewers, TV Stations, Producers, Channel Bosses and Agents all expect to see someone on screen who can be real in front of the camera, who can let their personality shine through and present naturally to the camera.... and simply be themselves (with a few strings attached of course!)

Quite often in the early stages, this can be easily said than done!



1 - TALK TO ONE PERSON - Imagine talking to One Person - this will allow your mind to feel more relaxed and your voice delivery become more conversational.

2 - LOOK AT THE LENS Keep your eyes on the lens of the camera - looking away with shifty eyes breaks that connection you have and also makes you look uneasy - looking at the lens pf the camera also gives the impression you are providing eye contact - which in turn makes you look for engaging and confident.

3 - ANCHOR YOURSELF - Sit or stand still - we call it "ANCHORING YOURSELF" this is will not only make your presentation feel easier and more professional it will make you look confident even if you are nervous.

4 - BREATHE - Take some deep breathes and slow your delivery down - this will help make your nerves work for you as opposed to against you.

5 - SMILE - one of the most important rules of presenting, especially if your subject isn't a hard hitting news programme! Viewers connect with a smile, it shows that you are happy to be there and confident, it can also show empathy, reassurance and that you are pleasant to look at - try this next time you present - you will be amazed how different your presentation comes across and how you sound!



Sometimes, just reading a helpful guide is not enough,  and you may feel that you want to experience a professional training session in a real studio, with a team of experience people that can really help you make a difference.

Our Professional courses in London offer you a chance to get to grips with understanding the importance of the above and learn what is required, our team of real TV presenters are on hand to help  you every step of the way.

We have a monthly FREE open day session that we would highly recommend on attending if you would like to learn more. other more in-depth courses.

Next FREE open Day

Sunday 22nd September 2019 at 3 Mills Studios London at 4:30pm.

Visit our website for more general information:

You can speak with myself or tone of the team anytime by calling

FREEPHONE : 0800 030 5471

or internationally on +44 7881890127

Wishing  you the very best in your future success in Presenting

Kind Regards


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