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What TV Presenter course should you consider taking?

It is so important to select the right TV Presenter Course that suits your needs and budget, and with so many options to choose from, it's essential that you take consideration when making your decision.

The Aspire Courses are an excellent way of gaining the very highest standards of training in TV Presenting and are adaptable for all types of presenting, whether it's for TV, Social Media or Business.

More importantly our courses are designed to get the very best out of you onscreen, enabling you to deliver a confident and engaging presentation and how to be yourself. 

Our 4 Day TV Presenter Masterclass is perfect for anyone looking to start out in TV and offer a full training programme for beginners and also those with a little amount of experience. This course is perfect as it provides complete training that includes TV studio and location presenter training including, teleprompter training, earpiece coaching, interview technique along with full career guidance and support and more importantly an HD Showreel that showcases your very best presenting to camera whilst you are with us at Aspire. This class is also ideal as we offer ongoing support and BBC studio visits during your time.

The 1 Day TV Presenter Taster Session is perfect for discovering if TV Presenting is the right career move for you. 

Our fun Professional 1 day event gives you a fast track course with essential do's and don's of presenting to camera and you will gain a true insight to the industry and get the chance to step in front of the camera and present your very own scripted pieces to camera.

The 2 Day TV Presenter Intro class is a perfect why of learning essential skills for TV Presenting, Social Media or Business and are scheduled on weekends and also weekdays enabling those that work in the week to be able to train with us.

The 2 Day Class is a fast track professional training programme designed for you to get to grip with with the tools of TV Presenting in a short space of time in both studio and location. This course is also ideal if an 'Elevator Pitch' is required, as we can include full training, direction and filming of your business video.

Questions or General Enquiries? Please complete the form below or give us a call on 0800 030 5471 or + 44 7881809127

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