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Kicking off our October TV Presenter Masterclass in London

As the clocks go back and the leaves start to fall, we are about to start day one of our 4 Day TV Presenter Masterclass at Londons 3 Mills Studios.

We can't wait to get going and meet our aspiring Presenters on this week's class.

Our full training Programme in TV presenting to camera, is perfect for TV, YouTube, social media and business and are small group of presenters in a COVID Safe environment will be learning all key skills of studio presenting, location reporting, script writing, interview training, using the Autocue and earpieces, plus filming their own TV presenter Showreels!

It's going to be a great week and we will keep you posted here.

Be sure to check back soon and see how they get on!

If you are keen to get started and join us on one of our final courses of 2020, please check out last dates here:

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