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TV Presenter Career Guidance - The Basics Session 1

Although there are plenty of excellent career opportunities in the world of TV, Youtube & Instagram Presenting, the industry can be very competitive to break into  - however if you adopt the right skills and mindset you really can make it happen! So its important that your adopt a good solid foundation in order to make it work for you.


TV Presenting can be a very popular career choice for many people who love the idea of getting on TV, whether its mainstream, satellite or even the web presenting,  however in order to be noticed and stand out from the crowd, its important that you start to market yourself in order to really make it happen.



We have many people that come to us saying that all they want to do is simply get on TV and don't really care what they do ... this is not the best method, as TV Channels, platforms & viewers look for people who have a genuine interest in the areas they are choosing to present in, and have the personality to match,

So choose what style of show/topic you would like to present, i.e., music, fashion, sport, children's TV, lifestyle, current affairs, shopping, documentary, how to, travel etc.

Then decide: does your personality match? Do you have experience or expertise in this field?  If yes, you then have a good starting point, as if you choose areas that you are genuinely interested and passionate in, then this coupled up with your personality will be valuable to an organisation.



The good news is that in this day and age,  if you are capable of simply being yourself and have a confidence, your viewers will be able to relate and connect with you. You need to come across as yourself, it will enable you to present effectively and present naturally. It is often easier said than done when faced with the high pressured environment of a live TV studio, and its important to have the right mind set and understanding of how you should be feeling, so you are as natural and real as you can be.  

Session 2 will follow shortly!


Our Professional courses in London offer you a chance to get to grips with understanding the importance of the above and learn what is required, our team of real TV presenters are on hand to help  you every step of the way. We have a monthly FREE open day session that we would highly recommend on attending if you would like to learn more. other more in-depth courses and our brand new online training is also a great way of getting the very best level of coaching available. More info here.

Next FREE open Day

Sunday 22nd September! 2019 at 4:30pm 3 Mills Studios, London

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