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Highlights for our July Presenter Masterclass

It was another fantastic week on ur 4 Day TV Presenter Masterclass at 3 Mills studios in London, with a great diverse mix of unique individuals looking to gain core skills in presenting, not only for TV, but also for social media and business.

We had some super personalities on the course and the whole group worked well together and also individually. The course as included plenty of camera time, showreel filming, also with head shot - photo shoot and career development. We even managed to brave the summer rain and get out filming on the final day in Greenwich!

We had some excellent reviews from the attendees, and we are now on the process of producing their showreels photos so they can get out there and apply for work!

If this sounds like fun, come and join us on our next class, 23rd - 26th August 2021!

Book online today at

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