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We genuinely want you to have the best possible training experience with us, and over the past 10  years we have have met many fantastic aspiring presenters and shared some great times.

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I had an amazing time on the 4 day Aspire TV Presenter Masterclass and learnt so much!

Darren and Sean are patient, helpful and produced an amazing showreel to showcase my presenting talent.


I encourage anyone that wants some professional coaching and training to attend the course whether you have TV presenting experience or not.

We had a fantastic group and I have made some incredible friends!

I particularly enjoyed the last day on location in London. Darren and Sean are fun to work with, encouraging and motivating and gave me plenty of confidence.

I highly recommend Darren and Sean from Aspire Presenting Ltd.

Thank you so much for all the feedback and advice!


Andrea Lynn D'Souza 4 Day Masterclass





HIGHLY RECOMMEND - Darren and Sean are just brilliant, and create such a fun and exciting atmosphere to perfect the skills required to progress in the industry. Each section of the course was thorough, and the guys really make sure you're happy with each technique before moving on. Amazing few days and met some genuinely great people. Do it!


Amy Sutton 4 Day Masterclass





Great course. Both Darren and Sean have years of experience in TV presenting, so they have walked their talk, which really shows in how professional and knowledgeable they are.

They help everyone maintain a good level of energy throughout the 4 days, make everyone feel at ease and you'll leave more confident. You'll be equipped to be a TV presenting in no time! (Well 4 days... but who's counting) Really recommend this course if you are serious about pursuing a career as a TV Presenter.


Janine Newberry 4 Day Masterclass




An incredible experience, even if it's just for a confidence boost. Sean and Darren are brilliant and have designed a course that includes everything you'll find in TV presenting, from autocue to ear pieces, all with a good dousing of humorous stories.


Their enjoyment for the job is intoxicating and has provided me with a new enthusiasm for presenting, especially when understanding that even the most experienced presenter can still get nervous. With all the positive training and helpful observations these two supply, I've never been more confident. I highly recommend the course, thank you so much.



Kate Siredzuk 4 Day Masterclass






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Fantastic course. The tutors Darren, Sean and Joe have years of experience in TV presenting.


They provide positive encouragement and feedback to everyone in a positive, relaxed environment. Highly recommend it



Colette NiChonaill 4 Day Masterclass





I attended the 4 day TV Presenting masterclass last month with with Darren & Sean. Wow! It was fabulous. Full of helpful tips on how to get on in TV, lots of practical, hands on TV training and most importantly some great contacts in the industry. I can highly recommend this course for anyone interested in TV presenting..Dr Jo Ward



Johanna Ward Course Attedndee




Great course, run by some lovely guys who know their industry very well!

You are in good hands at Aspire!



Jack Revell - Course Attendee




An amazing course!! Thoroughly enjoyable and I learnt some invaluable skills which will help me set myself up as a presenter.



Rebecca Ward




Loved the weekend, they make you feel comfortable and at ease. Definitely recommend. Thank you so much


Sarah Barrow Olympic Diver and Commonwealth Medalist














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