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By DARREN SIMONS, May 27 2016 11:10PM

TV Presenter Career Guidance - Handy Tips Part 3

3 Essential tools to have when you market yourself!


Its essential that in order to successfully market yourself as a presenter, you must realise that you are a brand, and in order to look professional when marketing yourself you should think about the 3 following tips.


In order to be considered for any screen-test/audition, you will need to send a showreel of you presenting.

Your showreel should be no longer than 2.5 mins, agents, channels etc won't want to sit through lots of talking as they simply haven't got time and may get bored - so make sure you leave them wanting to see more of you!

Use your smart phone or a simple video camera to film yourself, or better still get a professional showreel made.

Your showreel should only feature the very best pieces of you presenting, so present pieces that best represent your style and personality, i.e. Children's TV, travel Fashion, Music, shopping TV, sports,chat show, news etc.

Try and get your personality across, you may want to get a friend to film for you and someone that can offer some support and direction.


Gone are the days of sending a DVD or VHS tape when applying for a job as a presenter, companies simply want to find your showreel quickly and click and play.

Try uploading your reel to websites such as youtube, or sites that specialise in presenting such as


Don't forget - the very first thing people will see when finding your profile is your photo and that you look like, choose photos that show you in your best light and look professional, there are several photographers who specialise in this.

By DARREN SIMONS, Apr 6 2016 03:24PM

TV Presenter Career Guidance - The Art Of Effective Camera Communication Part 2

TV Presenting is all about making sure that your personality comes across in front of the camera, as you will be employed for who YOU are and you need to let whoever is watching see the REAL you!


Oscar Wilde once famously stated: "Be Yourself as everyone else is taken" is a perfect why in which to sum up how you should personally approach TV Presenting.

TV Stations, Producers, Channel Bosses and Agents all look for someone who can be real in front of the camera, who can let their personality shone through and present naturally to the camera.... and simply be themselves (with a few strings attached of course!)

Quite often in the early stages, this can be easily said than done!


1 - TALK TO ONE PERSON - Imagine talking to One Person - this will allow your mind to feel more relaxed and your voice delivery become more conversational.

2 - LOOK AT THE LENS Keep your eyes on the lens of the camera - looking away with shifty eyes breaks that connection you have and also makes you look uneasy.

3 - ANCHOR YOURSELF - Sit or stand still - we call it "ANCHORING YOURSELF" this is will not only make your presentation feel easier and more professional it will make you look confident even if you are nervous.

4 - BREATHE - Take some deep breathes and slow your delivery down - this will help make your nerves work for you as opposed to agents you.

5 - SMILE - one of the most important rules of presenting, especially if your subject isn't a hard hitting news programme! Viewers connect with a smile, it shows that you are happy to be there and confident, it can also show empathy, reassurance and that you are pleasant to look at - they this next time you present - you will be amazed how different your presentation comes across and how you sound!

Session 3 will follow next week!


Sometimes, just reading a helpful guide is not enough, and you may feel that you want to experience a professional training session in a real studio, with a team of experience people that can really help make a difference.

Our Professional courses in London offer you a chance to get to grips with understanding the importance of the above and learn what is required, our team of real TV presenters are on hand to help you every step of the way.

We have a monthly FREE open day session that we would highly recommend on attending if you would like to learn more. other more in-depth courses.

Our brand new online training is also a great way of getting the very best level of coaching available too!

More info here.

Next FREE open Day

Sunday 24th March 2016 at Aspire Studio 101 London at 4:00pm.

Book your place here

Visit our website for more general information:

Learn Online

This brand new exciting services offers a Professional Online TV Presenter Training Course, no matter what your current level is and where you are in the world, it means you can learn from the comfort of your home or on the move on your PC or Mobile!

Ideal to refresh your skills or learn new areas of presenting to increase your chances of success.

Become a member and get 3 Months unlimited access, 24 hours a day.

Learn from over 45 online video tutorials over 15 sections, covering everything you need to know, there is also options to submit your video to us for professional review.

We also include career guidance and how to get work, and also a one to one FaceTime at no extra charge! We have plenty of online support too.

Get FREE limited access too!


This is an industry world first, and we are really excited about it, and would love you to be a part of it!

We are always on hand to offer help, support or guidance or if you have any questions that you would like to ask...please get in touch!

You can speak with myself or tone of the team anytime by calling FREEPHONE : 0800 030 5471

or internationally on +44 7881890127

Wishing you the very best in your future success in Presenting

By DARREN SIMONS, Mar 18 2016 04:11PM

Due to popular demad, we have now decided to offer our Professional 2 Day TV Presenter Course for April and May 2016.

These courses are an amazing way of learning essential skills in TV Presenting and include training at our our London studios.

Our courses are run by real TV Presenters and Producers and also include a professionally edited HD showreel.

Places are always limited and we are delighted to let you know that we still have availability on our next course starting April 23rd - 24th 2016 and May 21st - 22nd.

Please get in touch if you would ike to know more or to book your place!

By DARREN SIMONS, Nov 7 2015 09:34AM

As the year finally passes us by, we have just one final course available at our London Studios. This Masterclass is our Signature course and is offered by our team of real TV Presenters. The course starts Dec 8th - 11th at our studios in London. Full training and career guidnace with HD showreel are included and we have just 2 places remaining. Book online or by calling us on 0800 030 5471 for a special price.

By DARREN SIMONS, Jun 14 2015 02:47PM

Book a date with us and join us for one of our award winning 4 Day TV Presenter Masterclasses at our London Studios. Be taught by real TV Presenters with thousands of hours of live TV behind them.

Get a profesionally edited HD Showreel and career guidance along with studio and location presenter training. Places are always limited, but we still have places available for July and August!

See you Here!!

Best wishes

Darrenm and the Team

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